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Case & Associates has a rich history of surpassing expectations and delivering a top-quality product. From day one, we have believed that, in order to succeed, we have to care. We care about empowering our employees. We care about providing five-star customer service. We care about delivering a product that goes above and beyond the standards of our industry. At the core of it all, caring is what has gotten us where we are today.

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Always Striving for More

We're proud to announce Case & Associates was selected as an ORA Power Rankings 2020 - Division II - Top 10 Management Company of the Year by J Turner Research. 

All of our communities, which span six different states, are held to the expectation that there is always something more to give. Whether it be new ways for management to encourage employee growth or streamlining the rental process for residents, here at Case & Associates we strive to continuously learn and improve. Because of these high standards, Case & Associates is proud to be recognized for our excellence with numerous property awards.

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